Millions of young mothers end their babies' lives every year through abortion.

  This is in essence murdering an innocent baby and of course if the mothers knew this was so, most would not dare do it. 

They are exploited by money hungry abortion clinics that do not tell them the whole story.  Though some in the industry are deluded and think they do the women and even God a service, the truth is that abortion sheds innocent blood and also brings great grief, guilt and psychological pain and suffering to the woman after she realizes what she has done.  Yet most in America are blind to their plight, either ignoring it or making inaccurate intellectual excuses. 

First let me say, there is grace, forgiveness and mercy for those that have had abortions.  As with any other sin, Christ died to take our punishment and bring healing and forgiveness. In Him the guilt and condemnation can be removed. 


Would you allow a robber to kill your neighbor if you had the power to stop him?

Abortion is only one symptom of a sex crazed society that has lost its way.  Prostitution and pornography literally enslave millions of women and children and immorally enslave the men who abuse them.  These moral infections are all related and all require the same ultimate remedy, but there are ways we can help now. 

Choose your response:

It is time to reinstate morality in America.

Is the fetus in the womb a baby?

It is religion that has caused the problems in our world