I hope you just misunderstood or maybe you're being sarcastic in your response!  How can you think that killing innocent people is not wrong?

In case you were serious about not knowing what is Right and Wrong

In the mind of many, the lines are blurred, reversed and confused.  So what is good and bad?  Can we agree?  Today many men and women believe they can decide for themselves what is right and wrong, but if this is so then anybody can be a self-proclaimed hero.  We see this attitude in a Hitler, Hussein or Osama claiming to save their nation from people or ideologies that they see are harmful or inferior.  I mention these men as extreme examples so you can see that they were obviously morally wrong.  There is a way to know what is right and wrong, the Bible tells us that all men have a conscience, an inner knowing of right and wrong, placed there by God.  Although some consciences are seared and hardened and the people have become blind, to the rest of us there is a "common decency" that is known to all.

The God of absolute morality

  This common decency tells us what is right and wrong.  It comes from the heart of man, the same deep place where man knows of the existence of a creator.  If we are honest with ourselves, we can see that this world is far too beautiful and complex to be an accident, we know that there had to be a designer and builder with an intelligence and power far greater than our own.   These things are known instinctively if we will look deep within instead of listening to the heartless advice of some in the culture around us. 

Ironically those that most often accuse Christians of being narrow minded have often closed their minds from hearing even their own conscience.  Many in "higher" education, popular media and entertainment are among those that have seared their consciences, blinded their eyes and closed their minds to the most important truths of all.

Christians trust the Bible to tell us what is truth.  There are many good, historical and logical reasons to believe that the Bible is God's message to mankind.  Taken as a whole and each part understood in the context of its place in the whole human story of Gods interaction with man,  the Bible has been proven an accurate and reliable guide for successful living and governing.

Living in and loving darkness

Why would someone refuse to see and believe obvious truth? The Bible calls it "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness".  Some atheists or skeptics are perceptive, honest and brave enough to admit the reason for their unbelief.  It is because if they admitted the existence of absolute morality, and the God who established it, then they would be ultimately accountable to Him and subject to his judgment.  They want to retain the illusion of freedom to do whatever they please, so they convince themselves they do not believe in God.  They are often zealous to convert others to their skepticism because the more people they can convince, the more sure they can be of their theory.

  Though most do not see this, and even fewer would admit it, this selfish dethroning of God is behind the humanism and atheism of today and is the source for the moral confusion that abounds.

So I submit that it is our Creator who has the right to establish and declare what is right and wrong, whether you admit or agree with that or not, it is true.  You will find out when you stand before God on judgment day.

God said killing innocent people is wrong, so it is wrong.

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But, Christians condone "just" wars, what about the innocents that get killed in war?

What about God ordering the genocide of the Canaanites in the old testament?  Wasn't that wrong too?