Did you hear about the recent experience of an abortion clinic administrator who quit after she assisted in an abortion with an ultrasound and actually saw what happens? 

For years she had told her patients that the "fetus" did not feel anything during an abortion.  She told them this because that's what planned parenthood told her... 

Then one day she held the ultrasound monitor to assist a private practice doctor in an abortion (usually planned parenthood clinics don't bother to use an ultrasound because it wastes 5 or 10 minutes)  But when she saw the probe approaching and then piercing the perfectly formed baby, it reacted, flailed and fought for its life as though seeking some where to escape.  Then they turned on the machine and sucked the poor baby out in pieces.  She remembered the ultrasound of her then 3 year old, and how she made copies and gave them out and hung it on the refrigerator.  Her heart broke as the revelation of what she had been doing all those years instantly sunk in.  

She got involved in the abortion industry because she thought she was helping women stay safe from "dangerous" abortions.  She says the abortion clinic always instructed their employees to always think and speak of the mother's safety and NEVER mention the baby.  Attempting to justify "legal" abortion by telling horror stories of illegal abortions does not make it right. 


The Bible and common decency declare that it is wrong to shed innocent blood.  Surely, we ought to agree on this. 

Most everybody agrees that murder is bad, but what if that person killed is an innocent baby not even having left the security of its mother's womb.  Is that baby's blood any less real before it is born than afterwards?  Of course not, it's blood is real and life giving. 

Killing  a pregnant woman is a double murder for a reason!  They created fetal homicide laws after the Roe v Wade decision because that child in the womb has a life and a value and even though the US supreme court denied it is true in that horrible court decision, individual states still recognized the truth and created laws to protect the innocent unborn and clarify their value.

How can a mother's choice to end that life remove the value from it? 

That baby is IN her body, it is not HER body or her life.  It is no more her body before it breathes than afterwards.  She has an important role, to nurture and grow the life within her, but...

Can a mother tell the baby when to kick and move within her belly? 

No, of course not, because the baby has his own mind, will and emotions... forming, waiting for a chance at life, a chance just like you have now.


The solution to illegal abortions is not to kill babies "legally" but to control yourself and act sexually moral!  And if you've failed at that then obviously the only right thing to do is to let the child have a chance at life. 

If you can provide a stable, two parent loving home, then do so.  But if not, why not let the child be adopted by loving parents who are at a more stable stage of life than you might be right now.

Why break your heart with guilt over taking his precious life when you can give your baby a happy home, either with you or with loving, stable, adopted parents?

There is a lot of info and statistics that show children do best in married two parent homes where the mother can stay home and care for the baby.  You can check out this site for more info on that: www.drlaura.com  

The abortion clinic cares more for the money than for the mother and certainly cares nothing for the baby.  Women who have had abortions have a lifetime of regret and guilt that only God can heal, for only He can forgive sin.

The clinic director in the above story has since found peace and forgiveness through the cross of Christ.

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