You might think that we are better off without God, that our "tolerant" society of today is better than the religious, judgmental hypocrites of yesteryear.   It is true that historically many evils have been committed by us as a nation, as a government and as individuals, even during periods of time when we claimed to be a Christian nation.  But even so in many other ways Americans have been and still are loving neighbors inside our borders and out.  There are all types of people in an entire nation, good and bad, sincere, transparent or hypocritical. 

America's past mistakes are not due to true religion, at least not true Christianity.  They are due to sinful man ignoring the commands of Jesus, not following his teachings.  True Christians hate the sin and not the sinner.  We hate the sin because it destroys both the sinner and those around him.  We hate the sin because we love the sinner as does God.

But today brings a new form of the vilest hypocrisy, committed not by true Christians, but by the very ones who most often cry out against intolerance and judgmental attitudes!  Those who accuse Christians of being judgmental for recognizing and agreeing with what God and history have identified as destructive sinful behavior, these very people have judged many people not worthy of their very life and freedom. 

It may be a generalization but is often true that the atheist and skeptic are often pro-choice, for the freedom to kill unborn babies and pro-freedom of speech, for the freedom to view and thus create a demand for pornography, which involves human trafficking and exploitation.

If you take away God, you most often take away the boundaries that His morality has established.  The atheist, humanist cry is often to legalize drugs, prostitution, gambling whatever feels good regardless of the ill effect it has on its victims.

Sin destroys ANYONE who plays with it.  Though there is a way out of the mess we've made.


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