About marriage and sex, first let me say...

God created sex and it is great!  But only inside of marriage where the couple is committed to each other AND as a result of that commitment the children created through that union are cared for by a loving couple that can more easily do the job than a single parent.  As opposed to sex without the marriage commitment where ultimately hearts get broken and children are often unwanted burdens.    And by the way- if you are married here is a simple word of advice that would revolutionize most marriages AND HAVE HUGE POSITIVE REPERCUSSIONS on our return to morality: STAY ON THE HONEYMOON!  Give your spouse all the loving they can stand.  That's the Bible's advice in a nutshell.)

Back to the subject of abortion:  I propose for your consideration that the utter selfishness of our over sexualized, pleasure loving society has launched us on a path of self destruction that only God can stop.  

Of course the over sexualization that I refer to is what is happening outside the privacy of the marriage bed.  Our culture tells us to be tolerant of anybody's morals or lack thereof.  Consider the hypocrisy that claims tolerance for all but does not tolerate the very life and heart beat of a living soul if that life interferes with their pleasure, profit or convenience. 

Specifically what is the problem?

Lest you think you are innocent

Our culture spends untold billions in entertainment, whether it's rated PG13, R or X they all support the same philosophy of reckless abandonment of morals.   If you have looked at internet pornography you have participated in the vilest form of sub-human slavery ever known to mankind, there are more people held in slavery today than ever before in history and they are not all overseas.  Many are sex slaves held in prostitution and pornography production against their will.  Through physical, sexual and psychological abuse and threats to them and their family they are denied freedom and held captive, not just in Thailand, but even in America.  800,000 missing children a year in America, how many are lost to human trafficking is unclear, but certainly a staggering number. Most of all the girls missing for any reason, including run-aways, show up in the "sex industry" in one way or another, through force or desperation.

How did we get here?

  How could there be such a demand for bought sex?  It is the selfish human, the "humanist" that does not honor human life or God's image in it, all for the sake of obtaining all the pleasure and convenience this life can afford them.

Maybe you are appalled and shocked, just now awakening to the crisis that surrounds you.  Don't stop reading, don't stop the stirring that is in your heart until it bears good fruit...

Have you lost sight of the value of human life, from the unborn to the teen girl, to the aged, we toss out human beings created in the image of God for pleasure, profit and convenience.  The shedding of innocent blood is on our hands and it is time to take a stand for justice, for the rights of those that cannot defend themselves.  If our nation as a whole does not want justice, then we MUST at least rescue the innocent and those who still have a conscience, who want to be rescued.  We must pull out as many as we can before the crumbling society falls and destroys them along with those who have ignored, stolen or otherwise left out the moral mortar that is required to sustain this great democracy. There is a shaking going on, partly in judgment, partly by natural consequence, and without that mortar, that common decency, our society will continue to fall, and many will be crushed and destroyed in many ways.

Our duty is to rescue the weak and helpless and to send a call to the healthy to be strong and courageous, to do what is right. 

What can you do?

True love for the exploited and vulnerable cannot remain silent. The injustices need to be brought into the light so they can be exposed and eradicated.  It may take the second coming of Christ to complete the work, but we must do what we can and speak up for the defenseless.  Whether we turn the tide or only rescue a few, we must try.  It will take all of us, including you to meet these challenges.

This high calling of standing up for justice can only be accomplished individually and nationally with God's help and that brings us to the  fourth goal of the LYNC Network, to declare the truth of "where" God may be found. 

There really is only one effective response:

We must find a way to get God's help.