There are some serious injustices facing our world today and sometimes it takes true spiritual enlightenment to open our eyes and hearts to the plight of the exploited and to give us motivation to do what is right no matter what the cost. 

Only true love will fight for liberty and justice for ALL.

There is a promised age coming where the Prince of Peace will show us how to rule the earth the right way, where peace and righteousness will reign.  But until then it is also promised, not because God wants it this way, but because he knows us so well, he foretells that we will always be at war, not just for land or oil but for the souls and lives of men.  That war is raging in America today.  Not just on Iraqi soil, but here at home.  A war not only for the soul of this nation, but for the physical lives of millions among us, and there are many casualties. Have you heard?  Are you aware of this war? 

All sides in a war normally believe they are "in the right" and in one way or another are fighting for the good, for their rights or the rights of others.  Many in America abstain from this spiritual fight because they do not know what side to be on.  Are you among that ambivalent group?  If so, it is time to awake and see what is going on around you.

  It is true, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." If we remain undecided about what side to be on, then who will stop things from getting worse?

I appeal to your inner man and your common decency to hear and examine this following statement:

When someone exploits, abuses or kills the innocent, weak and vulnerable of a culture (their culture or another's), no matter what they claim they are doing, or for whom they do it, they are committing an evil act, it is simply wrong.

Choose your response:

I agree

But what is evil and what is good?

I disagree