Food, shelter and relationships

Of course food and shelter are critical.  And having the means and ability to provide those for yourself and your family are equally important.  "Providing for your family" brings up a deeper need of mankind.  The thing that helps insure those physical needs are met is our relationships with others.  Along with the warm and wonderful feelings that accompany loving others and being loved, the relationships we have also give us "safety in numbers" so we're not alone in this world.  The continuance and reproduction of life on the planet is inextricably wound with love and passion and relationships.  Personal relationships do what institutions and governments cannot, they interweave the "warm and wonderful" with the security of survival.

It is no accident that our very existence is dependent on our personal relationships.  It was done that way on purpose.  We were designed to live in loving, caring relationships because that is the most fulfilling, complete way to live.  When we break that "design plan" on any given level, our lives become broken, dysfunctional or even criminal and the "needs" appear to increase.  Now, we all fall short of the "ideal" in our relationships.  This happens to us so often because those relationships with people are dependent on something even deeper... 

the Spiritual

There is a spiritual consciousness or awareness inherent in man.  Some say that is what makes us different than animals.  Some people try to gain a peace in this area, others run from its effect or try to deny its existence.  Whether we are consciously aware of them or not we all have "spiritual" needs deep in our hearts that are just as "built in" as our need for food or love. 

Without these spiritual needs being met we often lack the peace, contentment and joy to cope with the pressures of life.  This adversely affects us in many ways, especially our relationships; at work, home and society in general.  Any time the family unit and other societal relationships are damaged it not only hurts others, but reduces the "efficiency" of life and that's one reason why physical needs develop.  Of course, not all relational, emotional and physical needs are a direct result from a personal spiritual shortcoming or failing, but as a whole the human race has suffered and is suffering greatly from the corruption and spiritual "lack" of mankind. 

Though some people try to deny the spiritual element of our lives, if there is more to us than "flesh and blood", if the spirit realm does indeed exist, denying it will not make it go away.  And to do so "throws a wrench" into the machinery of life. 

It only takes a look at the many religions scattered around the globe to know that something inside man hungers for meaning, for something unseen yet real, for God.  Admittedly and importantly, it appears obvious that some folks are wrong about their spiritual conclusions or they wouldn't be killing each other over them.


Upon close examination we believe the core spiritual need is a relationship.  Even as people need each other, we were designed to have a relationship with our Creator!  Driving man's worldwide quest for God is the inherent belief that truly knowing Him will bring peace and joy within ourselves and in our relationships.  If you can get past the cynicism, confusion, doubt and hardness, this is what we all seek. 

Without a doubt, whether we are right or wrong in what we believe, whether an atheist or religious extremist, our spiritual perspective and condition greatly affects every area of our lives.  

The real question is:  What is the truth?

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