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Business/Ministry Integration

We also believe that as Christians we should integrate our business with our ministry and the rest of our life.  We try to give each of our customers a tract every visit but we also try to extend Biblical hospitality to our customers as well as our neighbors.


We used to include a gospel message with our door to door advertising, but we reconsidered its effectiveness and stopped trying to advertise the gospel with the business.  Now we advertise by introducing our family business in an informal letter with a free introductory gift that is delivered door to door.  You get more response from a well written and useful advertising with a free gift than you get from a tract or even a personal letter of invitation to a Bible Study or meal.  It is less threatening to take your car in for service than it is to go to a stranger's house for a meal. 

But after the neighbor comes in as a customer, we can also befriend them and invite them over for dinner.  This is much more personal and effective, then the customer is also honored to be invited over. 

This gives us a viable advertising means to grow the business and turns our business into a place of ministry as well as commerce.   Under the law Jesus condemned commerce in the temple, but instead of wrongly making the "house of prayer" a place of business, Christ has made US his temple, and has taken the house of prayer into the market place, through His life in us.  Pretty cool.


We also try to be sensitive to people's needs during work hours and be led by the Spirit if we feel someone has a need and is open to talk about it. The work integration thing works to a degree, but not enough so for most people or most situations that it is a viable mainstay of evangelism because:

  • Most jobs require fairly constant focus and as an employee most people don't have the liberty to stop and chat
  • Many customers are usually in a hurry when they are at a shop or store doing business

Our jobs are just one of the many areas of life that need to be submitted to the Lord.  The outworking and opportunity "to preach the gospel to every creature" at work relies heavily on simple hospitality, inviting people to eat meals (including lunch) with you and simply caring about them and sharing your faith. 

But of course people have to respond to your invitation before they will come to your home and hear the good news, and since many do make excuses, as in Like 14, hospitality alone is not enough either!  That's why there is still a command to go into the streets and compel them to come in;  So despite the headway that hospitality and market integration can make, we must also hit the streets if we are to literally obey the great commission.



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