Many have commented that the Spirit of God has been stirring and preparing His people for action.  I too have felt that in my own life and in my local church. 

D-Day was a major military offensive on a scale never before dreamed.  Its cost to the allied forces was great, but it turned the tide of World War 2 and loosened the grip of the evil empire that strangled Europe.

The cost of doing the will of God is also great.  The cost in personal time given up for the Gospel, in exposure to risk, ridicule and even persecution is there.  Jesus said to count the cost, and then go forward.  Those who live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  We in the west have avoided that, often because we keep our faith within the walls of our churches and homes.  As we venture into the streets and homes around us, we will meet resistance.  The devil will not release his grip voluntarily, but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. 

It is time for one last offensive that will loosen a grip far tighter than the Nazis'.  On a scale far wider and for a purpose eternally noble we must rally our forces and lay our lives down for the King of Kings and for our heavenly homeland.  We must go-  for the sake of those that are held in death's grip.  They have no hope, no way of escape unless we obey the Spirit's call to go, tell, and make disciples.

This is not one man's effort, or one denomination's, but the entire body of Christ.