If you are married, with or without kids:

Redeeming the Time and Priorities

You must have some desire to serve God and to be an effective tool in His hand or you wouldn't be at this site. I commend you for your heart to reach the lost.  It's definitely following the heart of the Father and continuing the mission of Christ.

One thing I would like to remind you about that I know I have to watch in my own life:  Don't forget to bring your family along with you!  Sometimes we can get so involved in some worthy project that we neglect to spend time with our family, much less train them for the work of ministry.  A true leader must lead in the home first. It is especially sad when we neglect our families because of giving ourselves to ministry of some sort.

Whatever your situation in life or "job" in the Kingdom of God, involve the spouse and kids!  They need to be a useful tool in God's hand as well.  You may be amazed at what they have to offer!