Reach Beyond your neighbors

1.8 billion people have never even heard the name of Jesus

We should all reach our neighbors, but we also have a responsibility to reach those that have never heard. 

Even if you donít go personally, there is a very efficient way to reach those who have NEVER HEARD- by the training and support of indigenous missionaries.   Living expenses for natives are very low. It costs so little to support our brothers and sisters who are laying down their lives for the gospel. 

God has led many western mission organizations and individual missionaries to shift their focus from westerners preaching the gospel to training converts in foreign lands to take the gospel to their own people. 

There are many organizations doing similar work, but one that is doing a great job is Gospel for Asia. 10 Churches are planted every day through GFA!  100% of your donation goes directly to the field!  Itís an amazing way to spread the good news.  Call click or write for a free book that gives more details. 

Gospel for Asia-     Toll Free: 800.946.2742 or 972.300.7777

1800 Golden Trail Ct. Carrollton TX 75010


Or visit their website at