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LYNC Network Street Map Adopted Streets and Cross Training Meets  Requires permission

Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplain letter of introduction and Cross Training/Exam Invitation

If you would like help starting a Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplaincy or a Cross Training meeting in your neighborhood,  email us or call  42-I-AM-LYNCN (424)265-9626



Just as any local church doing a door to door evangelism campaign would keep track of which streets they have visited, the LYNC Network is simply members of the body of Christ "universal" working together to make sure we don't miss anyone!

Why go door to door?

As a small business owner, I never seem to have enough time to get everything done.  I get the impression most people feel the same way. That's why I like the strategy of simply being hospitable and integrating business and ministry, making that a lifestyle helps me to reach out to people no matter what I am doing.  But I have determined that hospitality and relational evangelism alone are not enough to reach "every creature" as we are commanded to do. 
Even street preaching in our culture does not penetrate the neighborhood adequately to reach all the individuals. 

Our culture does not lend itself to open air preaching, and people can turn off the TV or radio preacher; hospitality and relational evangelism leave out the majority of people because too few Christians are doing it... 

Sure, if every Christian did what they were supposed to, then the Word would get out. Rather than sit around and complain that it's not happening, we are doing something about it.  That is exactly why you are reading this; we want to encourage every believer in Jesus to rise up and act like they really do believe!

Let's be honest with ourselves, the natural response of someone who has been saved from a great calamity is to rejoice and tell everyone about the wonderful thing that has happened.   If that does not describe you and your faith then you should examine yourself to see if you are "in the faith"!   For more on that, think about the coming judgment, are you ready?   To be sure- read more, please start here and make sure you read your Arrest Warrant too.

No Time and Energy?   It's more about "heart" and motivation

Listen, we don't have the time to do this either... but we all have to MAKE the time.  We MUST always redeem the time.  Sure, you may have to cut out some activities, we did- and once we found some spare time, we found that hospitality alone was not enough.  There are times when those we've invited decline our hospitality and times when there is no crowd to preach to; we often find ourselves sitting around wishing we could do more. 
    If all we do is sit around reading the Bible and praying and we do not start obeying what the Word and Spirit command us to do then we are missing the point of God's communication with us.
The answer is to GO!  By going door to door there is always an open, legal opportunity to meet your neighbors, to love, care, be hospitable and share your faith.

So we have devised a simple door to door plan to ensure that everyone is informed and challenged by the gospel! 

There is a practical reason why cults go door to door, it is the only way to methodically insure that everyone has a chance to hear the message!  Why should the cults be the only ones that do this?  Shouldn't those that have been saved by His grace from present and future calamity, those that understand and embrace the God of the Bible, shouldn't they be the ones that are knocking on doors, doing any and all means to spread the good news?

A Simple "Narrow Gate Graphic" reminds us of the points to remember and discuss, of why we are knocking on our neighbor's door

So many times I have left a conversation unfinished, not really having relayed everything that was in my heart.  Everyone (including myself) is in such a hurry today; it is TOO easy to forget and neglect discussing the topics that are most important.  I believe it is one of the schemes of the enemy that he has effectively used against modern Christians. 
This Narrow Gate Graphic is not only a reminder of the important topics that move us closer to God but also can be used as a way of introduction, an easy "foot in the door" so to speak. 
The questions on the graphic are designed to "get right to the point", so it requires the Spirit of God and the compassion of Christ to "pull off" presenting these questions to someone!  You will need to know the Word, be "prayed up" and in the Spirit when you go out. And that's a good thing, actually that's how we are supposed to be living all the time!

Click to open the Narrow Gate Graphic and Notes and Discussion Guide


So you can see which ones still need to be adopted, we have a shared Google map with all the adopted streets highlighted with the names & contact info of who has adopted each street.  You can adopt a street and make sure everyone on that street has personally been confronted with the reality of sin, righteousness, the judgment to come and has heard the good news of Christ's provision to redeem us from that judgment.
We trust God's Spirit to do the job, we recognize that having the structure and tools will do us no good if people are not willing and inspired and empowered by God to use those tools.  But this is a structure that helps us methodically meet new people and share our faith.  In doing so, we learn and improve our own hospitality and evangelism skills (by God's grace in Christ) and we are constantly encouraging our neighbors and new friends to do the same.

No one was home: "Sorry we missed you" letter

We have a letter we leave on the door that introduces us and gives the neighbor an opportunity to think about what we will be asking them about when we visit.  It also serves as an automatic icebreaker, often the most difficult aspect of witnessing, switching to topic to the spiritual side.
Click to see the latest version

Adopt and revisit

When you go door to door, I suggest making your street or streets a regular route to keep visiting and building relationships with your neighbors. 
  • I keep a notebook of names, needs and interests so I can remember everyone
  • Now, I just make temporary notes in the notebook and transfer all the notes from that day to a Google spreadsheet.  This way I can sort it easily and print it neatly for the next time out.
  • I also use my (free) Google calendar to make dinner appointments, etc., etc. so it sends me text reminders for dates.

Map of the streets that have been adopted...

The map requires permission to see it and to edit it.  Email us and we will go over the details and get you permission to edit the map so you or your group can adopt a street or streets too.

Once registered: Click Here for a map

The map also shows the locations of Christians that are available to help you in your walk with Christ.


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