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The Law, Grace and Passion  Free Book about evidence for the existence of God; a defense of the Bible as the message from God; and an explanation of and invitation to Christianity  The site we link to on our tracts and handouts

Online Summit  A Virtual Conversation about Faith

Bible Hospitality
Street Adoption
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Bible Tracts
Reach Beyond action

LYNC Network Street Map Adopted Streets and Cross Training Meets  Requires permission

Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplain letter of introduction and Cross Training/Exam Invitation

If you would like help starting a Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplaincy or a Cross Training meeting in your neighborhood,  email us or call  42-I-AM-LYNCN (424)265-9626



Good old Bible extracts or "Tracts"

All the methods on this site are useful and by the Spirit can be very powerful but the one that you can do most quickly and easily, when you don't have time to talk or do anything else, is to have a nice tract or "gospel letter" to give to someone that you feel led to reach.

Though fallen in disrepute among some Christians, many a soul has been won and converted through reading the lowly gospel tract. 


We now hand out a card linking to the Law, Grace and Passion book and the Summit:

Click for full size.  Right click the full size picture to download for printing.  Blank on the back side if you like to put your name and number.



Here is the latest tract we used before we started using the business cards

Arrest Warrant Tract.  It is fairly complete doctrinally.  You are welcome to use it, it is a single sheet, front and back.  There's room to put your phone number or church on the bottom right.


We also like to hand these out, works well if you want to have neighborhood meetings:

PDF with blank spot for your name: Cross Training Meeting Brochure

Here is a publisher file if you want to modify it to fit your situation: Cross Training Invitation


 This site lists all of our tracts and handouts:













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