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Bible Hospitality
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Invite them- some will come!

Open your home to others. Invite people to your house for a meal.  It is amazing how grateful people are.  I am shocked at the percentage of people that have told us it is the first time anyone ever invited them to their home!  Here are some Bible verses about hospitality in a chapter we wrote about  hospitality from a booklet about integrating faith into every area of your life.

If you open your home up to the homeless, please read this

If you take someone in as a house guest who may have addictions, be careful and safe, even if they are radically saved.  Here is an agreement we have used before, it sorts out those who are willing to change and follow the Lord and those who are manipulating for a free ride.  Please read this and consider its wisdom.


When we greet someone with a “How you doing?” we simply need to mean it, listen to the response & care. When we say “Howdy” & we just get an “OK” or “fair”, you can usually tell that something is wrong.

But we usually reason “it’s just a greeting” and we often ignore it.  But think about how many people are in desperate situations, deeply longing for help.  They need a friend, of course we all need to be made friends of God through Christ.  But we normally just move along because we think that only “close friends” share how they’re really doing, but the truth is: that’s how close friends are made.  Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.   We just need to start paying attention and care.  Of course actually loving your neighbor as yourself is the real challenge!

Getting past ourselves and dying to our flesh requires the grace and Spirit of God, his yoke is actually easy and His burden is light.  Believe it or not, the "tactical" part of the battle is not really that complicated or difficult.  Dying to our plans and obeying His plans by letting Christ live in us and through us is the heart of genuine Christianity and the subject is worthy of a long look (a lifelong study and practice actually).  Here is a booklet we made that focuses on the inner change that occurs in salvation and the corresponding outward fruit that is borne.  

The Holy Spirit will tell you "in that hour" what you are to say to the people that need to hear the good news, whether they are rulers or criminals (or both).  The ease of evangelism and making disciples all springs from the love of God that is shed abroad in the Christian's heart.  This love combined with a simple lifestyle technique makes caring and hospitality really easy whether you are at work, school, on the bus or at someone's door step!

Here is the latest version of our "Howdy" letter, we give it away as the Lord leads but primarily, by His grace,  we try to live it.



















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