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The Law, Grace and Passion  Free Book about evidence for the existence of God; a defense of the Bible as the message from God; and an explanation of and invitation to Christianity  The site we link to on our tracts and handouts

Online Summit  A Virtual Conversation about Faith

Bible Hospitality
Street Adoption
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Bible Tracts
Reach Beyond action

LYNC Network Street Map Adopted Streets and Cross Training Meets  Requires permission

Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplain letter of introduction and Cross Training/Exam Invitation

If you would like help starting a Volunteer Neighborhood Chaplaincy or a Cross Training meeting in your neighborhood,  email us or call  42-I-AM-LYNCN (424)265-9626



Discipleship is very kin to hospitality, but more of an ongoing relationship with those who have chosen to believe and follow Christ.  We are commanded to make disciples or students, "apprentices" of Christ. 

  • If you are ready to take a new believer under your wing and teach them to follow Jesus,  Email us and we will go over the details so we can "put you on the map" so the evangelists will know where to find you to refer new converts for discipleship. 
  • Or of you are looking for someone to lead you deeper into your faith in God, Email us and we will look at the map for a neighbor near you who has opened their home to "make disciples of all nations."

Our Narrow Gate Graphic and Discussion is a tool we use door to door and at home to introduce people to Christ but it also has an overview of the Christian walk, very useful for focusing our conversations toward effective discipleship.


The map requires permission to see it and to edit it.  Email us and we will go over the details and get you permission to view or edit the map as needed.
Once given permission: Click Here  for the location of Christians that have opened their home and are available to help you in your walk with Christ.

This map also notates the streets that have been adopted (where the person or group adopting the street goes door to door sharing Christ and making disciples)



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