How do you want to make an impact?

More frequently than "empty bellies", we run into hurting and lonely hearts. There are people in relational and moral crises all around us, they need our love and concern. Restoring health to these areas is just as critical to our survival as individuals and as a society as having adequate food and water!

Though we all should help our neighbors' physical needs as we are able, we believe that helping people to "be whole" spiritually effects every area of our lives and ultimately makes the biggest impact for good.

Choose your response:

I'm not so sure that spiritual things are so important, but I'd like to talk about it

I'd agree that spiritual things are important.  I'd like to continue the virtual conversation about spiritual needs, truth and "knowing God"

I don't know about a spirit realm or life after death, I am just trying to be myself and be real

I believe there are issues of justice that are more important

Some people have had bad experiences with "Christians", if that's you we apologize and are glad to address your concerns:

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Do Christians want to help people or thump them with the Bible?

I've been turned off by the hypocrisy I've seen