If you prayed and meant it, you are now entering the family of God where you are "born again" into a new life in the spirit realm.  God has a new life of acceptance and forgiveness ready for you to begin.

Share your decision!

If an individual directed you to this dialog, you ought to call them and let them rejoice with you in your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior.  The angels in heaven are already rejoicing and so will that brother or sister that directed you here!  They care about you or they wouldn't have given you this message. 

Becoming a Christian is a personal decision but the Christian life is meant to include a public side that naturally grows out of the joy of our salvation.  Because God moves inside of us by His Spirit and makes us new creatures in Christ, He puts His love in our hearts and that joy and love compel us to tell others about this good news, not only so they can share our joy but also so they can have the peace with God that comes through the cross and resurrection of Christ.


The biggest way we share the news of our decision is through baptism.  In the Bible, whenever a person believed in and accepted Christ as their savior, they were baptized as soon as possible, usually immediately.  Some believe there is a part of the work of salvation that happens during water baptism, most Christians believe it is simply a public proclamation of your new faith.  Either way, it is definitely a symbol of your death and resurrection with Christ and we are commanded to be baptized as believers, so just do it!  Being immersed under the water represents you being buried with Him in His death.  As you are coming out of the water it represents being raised with Him to a new life!


If an individual led you here, they are likely to be active in a church nearby. You should join them, there you can meet others who have made the same decision to accept God's mercy at the cross and to follow Christ. You can grow in any local church that is teaching and obeying the Bible.  There may also be a network of Christians in your neighborhood to help you grow and learn about your new faith.  There are opportunities to serve and to meet new friends in the "Love Your Neighbor Christian Network" (LYNC Network).  Click here to see a map of who may live nearby.  The little house icons on the map are people who have opened their home to teach new believers to walk with Jesus.  There'll be a phone number if you click on the house icon on the map.

The Bible

The Bible is God's personal message to you.  Like milk to a newborn baby, it gives you nourishment to live, grow and thrive.  Read your Bible daily, and obey what you read.  We suggest that you start in the book named "John,".  Written by a close disciple of Jesus, it gives a first hand account of the life and sacrifice of Jesus.  Then read the book named "Romans", written by the apostle (apostle means one who is sent) named Paul, it explains in detail what happened in redemption.

You can trust God—He loves you and will always be faithful.

To help you get started, you may also want to read “10 Principles for New and Growing Christians.”