At least your  honest.

  Jesus actually said you are in a better position than someone who thinks they are very religious, but really are not living for God.  You expressed an understanding of redemption, and that you are trusting Christ for your eternal salvation.  Of course, the idea is that your heart would be stirred by gratitude for what Christ has done for you, and it would cause you to live your life for the one who gave His for you.

Why is it that you say you are not living for the Savior?

Choose your response:

I know I could be doing more spiritually, but I like to enjoy myself in my spare time.  I am a Christian, but that doesn't mean I can't have a good time. 

I have sin in my life that I want desperately to get rid of.

I sin regularly, but I repent of it.  That's just being human, nothing much we can do about it.