Most Christians think it is ok to watch things in movies that they wouldn't dare do in real life.  They figure they can "handle it".  "It's just a movie"...

Dear reader, we have to determine if we really can "handle it".  It is obvious that some Christians can't.  Many are trapped in habitual sins that started with entertainment and ended up destroying their lives to one degree or another.

"That will never happen to me"...

 We always have to be careful when we think we know something.  Many accomplished professionals or master tradesmen will tell you the more they know about their craft, the more they recognize that they know very little in relation to what there is to know.  If humility is best learned by those who know the most, then we would do well to admit that there is much for us to learn about living the Christian life.  That's why there is only one place to turn for advice, the Bible.  What does God say?

Whatever things are pure, lovely and of a good report, think on these. Philippians 4:8

Why did God say that if He thought it was OK to think about, watch, be entertained by and even be immersed in violence, greed and lust for hours at a time? 

Traps are usually hidden.  Things that look safe can instantly snare us.  We have an enemy and he is a master trapper and deceiver, he's good at hiding his traps.  There are so many things in movies that CAN influence you towards a life of violence and debauchery at some level.  Whether instantly or gradually, how do you know you will not be swept up into it? 

There are bad winds blowing around out there trying to deceive and destroy us Eph 4:14. If you put your sail up to catch them, you're going to be tossed around!

Many men and women struggle with impure thoughts every time they see things in movies that are not godly, whether it is lust, greed, anger- whatever button the devil can push.  Often the problem is that we don't recognize the danger of these thoughts and sometimes we don't recognize that they are impure.

Usually, we mean for it to be "just entertainment", just good clean fun.   But movies are designed to sweep people away, to transport you into the story, sometimes for the entertainment value and sometimes to sell products, but each movie, TV show or commercial usually includes a "worldview" that is not Christian and often not even moral.

You may think you can handle it, but we have to admit that just as in every area of life there are many things about which we know very little, we could be wrong about this.   Just because you can recognize the overt acts of sin in a movie doesn't mean you are safe from being influenced to commit them.  Seeing it all the time "de-sensitizes" you to the sin, hardens your heart a little at at a time, makes you "get used to it".  The devil is a slick con man, and he wants to subvert the truth in your heart, you may see the obvious problems in movies, but that doesn't mean you know anything about the traps and snares that are hidden it.  God advised against watching or even thinking about things that are not lovely good and pure.

Life is too short to take the chance, compared to eternity our life is a" vapor".  We don't have the time to gamble with trivial pursuits that could steal our lives.  If we choose to go against God's advice, we might survive spiritually, but there are no guarantees.

Please consider this:

EVEN IF the entertainment is "neutral" and not harmful, how do you want to be remembered?  What legacy do you want to leave those you leave behind?  What mark do you want to leave on this planet when you are gone?

Surely more than, "He sure could pick a good movie"!  

And what if you might be wrong, what if it is hurting you?  Do you want to gamble with your legacy and your eternity?

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