Of course God wants us to have a good time, in fact Jesus said He came to give us an abundant life.

But we do need to be careful and make sure we are having the good time God wants us to have and not a different one.

When driving a car, the safest way to avoid the ditches is to stay right in the middle of your lane, or on an unmarked road, right down the middle of the road.  A good driver would never get right up to the edge of the ditch just to see how close he can get.  It's too dangerous, yet we do that with our Christianity.  The entertainment that is in the world runs us so close to the edge of sin sometimes it hard to tell when we might run off the road.

We have to be careful that our fun is not "ungodly".  Friendship with the world is enmity toward God James 4:4

Is the way you spend your time, the best way it can be spent?

God doesn't suggest, but commands us to think about things above, and things that are good.

How far is too far?  How close to the edge of falling are you willing to get?  How much can we "play" with or around sin and "get away with it"?   If it causes you to stumble, how can you be sure how many times you will repent? What if one day you stop repenting?

Choose your response:

I am a bit offended, it's just entertainment.  I don't want to actually do the things that are in the movies or games.  It is safe.  I can handle it.

I know I should be living for God, and I want to, I just need help