I know we all want to submit to the leadership that is over us in the church, but you need to study the Word of God on this subject and not only your church's material.  If you are being told that you must remain single in order to serve God, many believe that what you've been taught does not line up with God's Word.  You need to study and see for yourself.  If the Bible and what you've been told do not agree then you must decide what is the truth.  If you are willing to give your leaders authority to change God's instructions regarding this part of scripture what else can be changed?  That Christ died to take away our sins?  We must be careful laying down laws that are not clearly spelled out in the Bible.

 The Bible even condemns those who forbid marriage, and your experience confirms one reason why this is wrong.  The Church is the body of Christ, but He is the head from whom comes direction and guidance.  To submit to church authority without being sure it is the truth according to God's Word is setting you up for any kind of error that comes down the pike.  Did not Paul correct Peter about his dealings with the Jews?  Peter was wrong, and God's Word records the story.  If Peter can be wrong, so can any other Church leader.

Seek God first and let His Word and Spirit lead you.  Yes, submit to your leaders, but be sure they are acting in accordance with his Word.  That is your responsibility as well as theirs, because if they fail to follow God's word it falls on you to recognize it.

Consider the possibility that you may not be gifted for the single life.  Peter himself was married, and He did a good job or the Kingdom!

Like I said before though- Married or not, you still need to walk in the Spirit 24/7, because everything doesn't always work out in marriage the way it is supposed to. 

Married or Single, you have to remember: Galatians 5:16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

 I SAY AGAIN, and cannot emphasize it enough-- A consistent "walk in the Spirit" is the ultimate goal of Christian disciples.  It involves communion with God and abiding in Christ.  It is the CENTER of Christianity.  I think most serious followers of Christ have experienced it, but consistency is the problem.  The Bible teaches that we need each other to make it work.  

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