How do you know you'd make it?

How can you be sure?  God knows our hearts. Every harsh word, every wrong thought- nothing is hidden from Him. He loves us dearly, but as any good King must do, he must bring justice to his kingdom. We will all stand before him one day to give an account for the way we have lived. What is it about your life and beliefs that qualifies you to enter the presence of a perfect holy God and live with Him forever in heaven? 

Choose your response:

I am not perfect, but I have done my best. I am a pretty good person; I try to treat people fair, donít kill, donít steal, donít smoke, etc.     

 I really don't think God would condemn anyone to hell. I don't know how He will judge people but God is love, heíd never condemn anyone to hell.  I believe everyone goes to heaven.

Iíve made mistakes, I know Iíve sinned,  but I know Iím forgiven.