How do you know you really are forgiven...?

Many religions seek forgiveness, how do you know you are going to get it?

Choose your response:

I feel like no one can know for sure. Who can know God's mind? He is the judge. That's the problem with many folks, they try to act like they know what God is thinking. We just have to do the best we can, the best we know how. If we stumble or fall, we have to get up, dust ourselves off and keep going. God made us, He knows we are not perfect. We just have to trust and hope he has mercy on us when we ask for forgiveness.

God has spoken in many ways to the different cultures around the world. No matter what religion you embrace, if you are a true seeker, God sees your heart and He is merciful and forgives you.

Actually I believe God has told me He forgives me.

I have peace that the leaders God has placed in the Church are leading us in the truth,  and as a member of the Church, I trust that I am forgiven.