Are there indeed many ways to achieve spiritual peace, or as some believe to have peace with the Creator?  

This is not something you'd want to be wrong about!

To say there are many ways to obtain ultimate spiritual peace eternally and on Earth seems to assume there a multitude of spiritual realities and you can choose to believe any one you wish  and "voila", like magic it becomes real for you; and at the same time a different reality can be real for someone who believes something different.  How can this be?  Common sense does not seem to agree with such a line of thinking.  Let me make sure of where you stand on this, please choose below:

Choose your response:

I believe that in the spiritual realm there can be more than one reality.  Logic or absolute truth do not have to exist in the spiritual realm.

I believe there is a single reality that holds true for all men regardless of what they believe; and as a result, spiritual beliefs can be correct or incorrect in regard to what is real and true.