Most religions of the world involve prayer and meditation.  Many people across the gamut of world religions believe they have come to some sense of peace with their spiritual beliefs.  Most people are quite certain they are "right" about what they believe and they "feel" assured that they will be eternally rewarded in some way.  Sometimes this involves a sense that God has spoken to them about their spiritual condition.

How can we know our beliefs and feelings are "right"?  Please don't take offence, it's just that this brings up a few questions...

For example: One person believes Muhammad has brought truth to mankind and a revelation of the one true God, and that person has found peace through those teachings, and another follows the teachings of Buddha and believes he has found peace through walking in the right path.  But since Buddha's path does not necessarily need God in it, there is a major conflict with Islam which requires rigid devotion to a Supreme God. These conflicts and disagreements are diametrically opposed to each other.  It certainly seems they cannot both be correct.  Who is right?

Can they both be right?  Not to mention all the other religions, can they all be right?

Choose your response:

Yes, I believe they are all correct.

No, they can't all be right.

I have something besides my personal experience in prayer that gives me this hope of eternal life.  I'll try to pick another option that includes it.