This is a little tricky, but I have to ask you in an effort to clarify your position: are you saved by works or grace or both? 

Are not the "works of faith" an outward evidence of a changed heart?   Selah. (Selah is a word from the Psalms that means pause and reflect on that)

Does not your strength to obey come from the joy of your salvation through grace? 

Where is boasting then?  There may be good works in the life of a Christian, but they come FROM the grace, the works do not bring the grace, nor do they validate the faith!  The good works are a result of the faith and grace at work in the heart.  A man is justified by grace through faith so nobody can really boast about it Eph. 2:8,9.

Please my brother (or sister) do not make the grace of God "of no effect" by adding the law to it (read Galatians 3), but let grace have its perfect work in you by bringing obedience based on faith and not on the law.

Many years ago when I was a young teenager I asked a preacher a question about a passage I had read about grace.  I was hungry for God and "ripe" for the harvest.  Instead of inviting me to know Christ and taking me into the fold, this pastor scared me away with a legalistic interpretation of James 2:20.  I spent my youth away from God partly because someone misinterpreted this passage to me and it was years before I found my way back.

Indeed God calls us to a radical, sacrificial, cross bearing, world denying lifestyle of obedience.  But we can never obtain that lifestyle by our own efforts or by keeping an outward "law", be it a "Christian" law or Mosaic.  That changed life can only come through the inward "law" of the Spirit of life in Christ, His living in us as we are crucified, yet alive; new creations full of faith and grace, living a Spirit-filled life of fellowship and communion with God.

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