I respect that.  I'd like to talk some about the Bible, but before we can go further I need to see where you stand. 

Matters of the mind and the heart

Some of the greatest scientists in history have been Christians. They recognized that God holds all things together; His power is the stabilizing force of the universe that gives constancy to the laws of nature giving us a foundation to discover and pursue God's absolute truths whether in science or religion.  The Bible sums it up succinctly "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."

Although intellect and logic do not conflict with the Christian faith, it is not usually the mind that draws one to God.  It is instead the hidden man of the heart, the spirit which is the candle of the Lord, through which God has chosen to reveal Himself to us.  The heart speaks the language of love, and it is His love and goodness that draw us to Him.

Parts of this virtual conversation contain some logical arguments for believing in a spiritual realm and a Creator.  It is impossible to create a virtual conversation that can cover all the intellectual manipulations and back flips that man exercises in his efforts to (consciously or subconsciously) run from the Spirit of God.  In fact any conversation, virtual or in person, that drags out too long with this type of wrangling of the mind is likely to come to nothing.  But if your desire is to know the truth and you are not running from it, then I trust you will find it in these simple pages; the truth that can set you free from the guilt that all men feel because we are all guilty; free from the confusion that has beset our culture- a culture so full of knowledge and stuff, but devoid of meaning and hope.

Do you believe there is one supreme being who created the universe?

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