If faith in God is a crutch - that is, if it works - then we must need it.

 You don't use a crutch for the fun of it, or just because it is there. You use the crutch because you are damaged, and you can't function as well without it.

Some people say, effectively, "Religious people need this crutch because they are damaged, but I am not damaged and need no such support." It is easy to maintain this position when everything is going well, not so easy when life is difficult. "No man is an atheist on the battle field."

Christians believe we are all damaged. There is no shame in admitting it. Rather, admitting your need is a courageous step towards receiving the help you need.

And why does faith in God function so effectively and so universally in the human race, helping us be strong and good and brave? If we function so much better with this belief, perhaps we were designed to work this way?

In light of these considerations, please choose another response:

Perhaps it is possible we are "designed" to need God. I am willing to assume for now that the Bible may have possibly been left as a message from God.

I can believe there is possibly some sort of personal creator/God, but I don't think the Bible is really " a message from god"

I still don't believe in God- take me back to the reasons, and I'll pick another one.