This one gets really confusing once you start trying to understand the details. How many gods are there? Is it a fixed number, or do they get born and die? Where did they come from? What is the relationship between each of them? Does it change (has it changed) with time? Which of them is in charge? And so on.

This possibility is the popular picture given by many ancient stories, such as those told by the ancient Greeks. But the figures in these stories were not gods in any meaningful sense: they were simply bigger and stronger people, just as selfish and petty as the humans they were modeled after. And, clearly, they represent powerful forces which were created by a more powerful presence, which points back to a shadowy creator God dimly remembered.

Animists can also talk of many gods. But, again, these creatures are not gods in any meaningful sense. The god of a tree may perhaps be some kind of spiritual entity, but is not a god in the sense we are talking about here. And many animists believe in a 'Great Spirit' behind all the smaller spirits they relate to.

It is this Great Spirit, the Creator of all spirits that we wish to know and make known to you. 

He has made himself known to man, in fact He came from heaven to become a man in order to remove the sin barrier and become accessible to us all.  This is the God of the bible.  Are you ready to meet Him?

Find out now if you are ready through this simple test.