Even if there was a big bang

...and the building blocks of all matter and life got scattered around, where did the stuff come from that went bang?

Even taking that leap of faith and assuming that somehow there was some eternal junk floating out in space, let's get real about how it all came together.  It doesn't take a physics degree, just common sense will tell you that when left alone things tend to move towards disorder, and not order.  When's the last time your house cleaned itself?  

Think of the complexity and order of our universe;

  The precise placement of sun, moon and earth, the perfect combination of elements in soil and atmosphere required to support life.  If any of it were just a little different, no life would be possible. 

Consider the delicate balance of the ecology of our planet- Not to mention a human being with body and soul, conscience and emotions.  What power is it that holds electrons, protons and neutrons in their place within the atom.  Why are there constant physical laws that keep this place together? What should make them constant? The Bible says it is by the Word of His power that HE holds ALL things together.  God not only created it all, He sustains it.

Aside from the wonder and complexity of life as a whole, even the smallest amino acid or DNA molecule is so complex and orderly that mathematicians tell us that the odds of them accidentally forming themselves would be like a plane crashing with a printing press in it, and when it hits the ground, out pops an entire set of encyclopedias.  It doesn't matter how many gazillion years you crash planes, you're never going to get one page of Britannica out of the wreck!

  Useful and complex things have to be built, they don't just appear.

That builder and maker is our intelligent and loving Creator.. God 

Won't you please consider the possibility?  By embracing hope instead of despair and eternity instead of annihilation, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Choose your response:

Maybe there is an intelligent designer of our world, a God, but who is He?

Still not convinced that evolution could be wrong.