There are many religions, and most of their adherents believe they have the answer.  The problem is- only one is true.  The sky cannot be both green and blue at the same time.  Truth is real.  The sky is blue, saying it is red and believing it with all your heart does not make it so.  We must examine the evidence and determine what is true.

What may help your quest for truth is to consider that out of all the religions of man, there is a stark contrast between one and the rest.  In some form or fashion all religions prescribe some set of duties or standards to be satisfied in order to please God(S) or to become god like in some form or fashion.  The problem is nobody can fulfill them, because nobody's perfect! They are all destined for failure.

The exception is that in Christianity God is described as coming down to earth to become a man, because He knew we'd never be able to do a good enough job to please Him on our own. Christians believe that God moved toward man, instead of us having another failed attempt to reach Him.

Choose your response:

I am ready to talk about God from a Biblical perspective

I am not ready to do that yet, I need to think a little more about the nature of a personal God and if He would reveal himself to man.  I'll go browse that part of the discussion again