If we're not sure if there's a God or not, we'd better be careful.  Because- What if there is?

How sure do you want to be? How sure do you need to be?

The point is that we live our lives on the basis of the best evidence available to us. When you accept a job, or move to a new house, you can never be sure that you are doing the right thing. Most obviously, you can never be sure of what will happen when you get married, but most of us are willing to take the risk - sometimes many times!

I have talked with people who claimed they were totally sure they were doing the right thing in some of the big decisions of life. I suspect that they were really closing their minds to the prospect that they were making a disastrous mistake. Certainly, in retrospect, their feeling of confidence proved to be no guarantee of success.

So we make big decisions and take action although we cannot be sure these decisions are right. We do all this, simply to live. The alternative is to choose the certainty of an empty life - empty of commitments, empty of relationships, empty of purpose. Why, then, on this one point do some people say, "I cannot be absolutely certain that God exists, so I will ignore the question until I gain that certainty."?

You cannot be certain that your chosen partner will be faithful to you - or you to them. You cannot be certain that nice employer will not frame you for some dreadful fraud, or make you responsible for inadequate safety measures when people are accidentally hurt. You cannot be certain that anyone loves you...

In all these areas, you weigh the evidence and take the risk. Faith in God is no different: nobody can prove that God exists, but the supporting evidence is very strong. With God, as with all these other aspects of life, you can choose not to take the risk, but only at the expense of being certain that you will miss out on all the experiences that this risk opens you up to. It's your choice.

Choose your response:

OK, maybe it would be worth the risk of being wrong. Perhaps I will consider the possibility that there may be a personal creator.

I see the value of taking that risk, but I still lean towards the fact that there is likely not a personal creator/God.  Let me pick another possibility.