Pride or Love?

Both can be the source of religious discussion and conflict.

Pride may condemn others to make itself look good.

But true Christians are broken and damaged people that have been fixed and restored by their Creator, there is no room for pride or false judgment in real Christianity.  There is no room for bragging because we are not the ones that have done great or pious things, our faith is all in the free gift of God.

Maybe it was a Christian, someone claiming to be a Christian or perhaps some other religious person that has offended you.  But if your first thought of "Christianity" is a resistance against false judgment then I would guess that you have not met the real Jesus, or a true follower of His!

If it was someone claiming to be a Christian that has offended you, then let me apologize.  If you feel you have been condemned, it is not Christ that has done it.  He came to save, to forgive, to give you a hope, a life worth living.  I am sorry if Christians have given you the wrong impression.  We make a lot of mistakes, just like anyone does.  But the biggest mistake would be to scare you away form God because we misrepresented the message of His Son.

On behalf of all Christians.  Please forgive us. 

Some people today equate tolerance with love and intolerance with hate.  But loving people and accepting them as valuable humans does not mean we don't care what they do or believe.

Tolerance or indifference?

Tolerance may not judge you, but does it care? 

Do you want to be tolerated or loved?  Does a good parent tolerate horrible behavior?  Doesn't the good parent's love move them to teach and discipline the child so they can grow up to be the best person possible?

Likewise God cares about His children.  He is the parent, He is the authority.  HE establishes the boundaries for mankind, His children.  He makes the rules.  He defines truth. 

If there is truth, a right and a wrong, then there will one day be judgment according to that truth and it will be administered by the giver of truth.

Do you stand in the truth?  Have you placed your hope in what you know to be true?

Tolerance lets people go on in whatever state they are in, often without caring if the person is in the truth or not.

The Bible does teach us to be concerned for one another inside "the church", and to care enough to intervene if we see destructive behavior among ourselves.  But it does not teach Christians to judge those outside the Church.  Mainly because everyone is caught up in some form of destructive behavior, some sin, and deep inside we all know it.  A counseling class I took once said it this way, that ALL families are dysfunctional!   Eventually God will judge us all.  We all KNOW how much we have failed personally!  But God has provided an escape from that failure and the sentence it brings, and that is what I want to talk to you about.

Love goes beyond judgment, but if we love and are honest, then we must speak the truth in love.

Love goes beyond tolerance and speaks the truth even if it has to plead and convince.

Honest debate or discussion of spiritual truths is a result of humans seeking the truth about their eternity and caring enough to share it with another person.  A desire to know about these unseen realities was placed in our hearts by our creator.  And the good news is He has provided clear answers to our questions.

If you can forgive the misunderstandings or perhaps sinful mistakes of those who have judged you in the past, will you please go on and see what we have to say about the true meaning of Christianity?

Yes, I'll start the dialog over.