I wish there was something I could say that would help, but I know what you need is to SEE the love Christians talk about, not just hear about it.  I hope and pray you find some living examples of God's love for you.  That's what the church is meant to be.

But just remember, God doesn't require us to trust our lives and eternities to each other, He knew we'd mess it up.  He came to earth Himself and paid a very high price to bring us to Himself.  He SHOWED His love for us by voluntarily laying down his life on the cross.

Until you are ready to look to God, and not to his people, you will never be at peace.  God loves us all; me, you, even those that have hurt you.  He will judge all things and make it right one day.  The fact is though, you too have sinned and fallen short of what God wanted you to be.  We all have. 

Please don't let others' sins keep you out of heaven, God has not hurt you, people have.  Won't you consider investigating what God has done for you in Jesus Christ?

Choose your response:

Yes, I am ready.

I want to, but right now there is too much hurt inside to keep going.

No, I blame God, he could have stopped it, and I just can't believe a loving God would have let it happen.