The proper attitude of a Christian is to respect everyone's opinion and to treat them accordingly.   Though there should be no "thumping" going on, it would be dishonest to pretend we don't care about our neighbors' spiritual needs as well as their physical ones.

The Bible teaches us to do whatever is within our power to help the people around us who have physical needs.  Without a doubt, it is simply the right thing to do; but even though our physical needs are important, our bodies are just temporary "houses" for our time on earth.  It is our spirits that are eternal!   Knowing this, Jesus taught an even stronger directive when it comes to spiritual needs:  that we should not only help those who are around us, but we should actively search out and tell everyone everywhere about the wonderful things God has done for us through Christ, and to tell them about the great plans He has for those who will follow Him. 

So Christians want to serve people's physical needs, but we are obliged to discuss spiritual matters as well.  It would be wrong to keep such good news a secret!

If Jesus' claims are true then it would be crucial to hear and understand what His message and plan is; but that importance NEVER justifies anyone "shoving the Bible down your throat".  Doing that certainly doesn't communicate the love of God that has been shown and expressed toward us.  We apologize if someone has been rude to you the past.

Despite whether people have approached you kindly in the past or not, if indeed the Bible is a written message to mankind from our Creator (as Christians believe it to be) then we'd be fools if we didn't share it's message with people we care about.  Now we hope everyone does so in a way that is respectful of the boundaries that each individual places around themselves in social situations.  It is also our hope that eventually, through the friendships formed while serving others those boundaries will be moved or removed and neighbors can find out what Christianity is really about, and how Christians are supposed to act.  Then God's message can bring the forgiveness, peace and abundant life that it was meant to bring to all men. 

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