Both search engines require an internet connection to function.  CD users will have to use the Site Map

If you're looking for something in particular, type it in the space and hit the search button. It will search both the Love Your Neighbor Christian Network and the Online Summit sites and display the pages that have that word or phrase in them.


Use Google to search the site

Uses Google's cached pages in the results. Recently deleted or changed pages may appear in the search results that no longer exist on the site.

Basic Search Engine

More accurate and up to date, but not as fancy.  It does not display the searched word "in context" in the results.

Search for:

Once the page is found...

If you wish, you can then use the find command of your browser to find each occurrence on that page.  To do so (in most browsers) press Control and the F keys simultaneously or use the edit pull down menu and go to the "find (on this page)" command, then type in the word or phrase in the pop up box.



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