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176. Contact us


If you want to talk to a real person about your faith, if a person knocked on your door or otherwise directed you to this website, hopefully you have their number on the material they gave you, it might be best to contact them.  If you can't reach that person:

Rest assured, we're not out to judge or condemn anyone.  We believe that if we take God at His Word, He has an answer for every question and challenge of life.  Jesus did not come to Earth to condemn us, but to save us.

Even if our situation seems impossible, we need to look at it from God's perspective and allow Him to intervene right "smack dab" in the middle of it.  He came to free us from turmoil and give us rest, not to condemn us.  We want to help you find that rest.

Suggestions, corrections and comments on the dialog

We welcome comments or suggestions about the dialog.  If you have some thoughts, or maybe some verbiage for one of the questions in the dialog or a new question, we welcome your input.

To let us know where your suggestion applies, please copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into the email or mention the page's title at the top of the page (or the page name on your browser's tab).  This page's title is "176. Contact Us". Most pages have a navigation code number. 

Then email your suggestions to    Thank You.