Who wrote this site, and where is it coming from?



Who: A simple car mechanic who fixes cars for a living but lives for fixing people up with Jesus.

Perspective the site's coming from:

I grew up in a normal home with a television, went to public school in Southeast Virginia; went regularly to a Southern Baptist church as a young child; visited a Church of Christ as a teenager with a neighbor family; after getting married, started going to non-denominational/charismatic/faith churches and went to Bible College at one.  

Currently I have no time for television or vain imaginations of any kind as Christ has consumed me and we have a job to do!  We have home schooled our children because my wife and I both recognize many snares that young people get caught in through the normal cultural routes of growing up and though we have made many mistakes and our kids are not perfect; for the most part it has worked wonderfully, by God's grace.

I believe all Christians who obey His Word and follow Christ can be and are filled with the Spirit and capable of being witnesses for Christ in the home, at work and on the streets.  God gives us gifts of all sorts to accomplish His great commission of reaching the world.  We get these gifts as we ask and believe Him to give them to us, yet it is also according as HE sees fit for the purposes HE has in mind.  More importantly, He uses us most as witnesses as we yield our lives and "live for Him who died for us".

I believe some of the circles I have lived and served in over the years have lost their way and are focused too much on the "stuff" of this life- that is passing away.  And it's not only the "prosperity gospel" proponents, it is ALSO the rank and file Christians in every denomination that conform to the world instead of being transformed by Christ and living a truly countercultural, Biblical lifestyle... Many will be saved, yet as through fire :(

I believe many in the "the emergent church" have lost their foundation and sacrificed truth, repentance and redemption to be a friend of the world instead of snatching some out of the impending fire.  The redemptive gospel of Christ and Him crucified is the MOST relevant message ever delivered to mankind!

I work with my family at our small car repair shop.

Actually my children have grown up and are serving the Lord, so some of the material here at;;  our free book, The Law, Grace and Passion, (also found on and the Free Christian Papers we have available are also written, contributed or edited by them as well.